March 29, 2023

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Bathroom Ideas With Solid Finish Vanities and Bathroom Furniture

Today’s homeowners have a variety of bathroom design choices to choose from, so much more than in previous years. In the past, the typical design for a bathroom included a two-piece shower with a separate toilet and/or sink area. A majority of homeowners purchased these homes with the hope of being able to add on an extra toilet or bathroom later on as their budget permitted. However, the trend is quickly changing, and homeowners are choosing a design with more surface space and more functionality.

One of the most popular bathroom ideas of late is to utilize the wall space that existing fixtures provide. There are now numerous choices for wall-mounted sinks and faucets, and wall-mounted fixtures such as medicine cabinets and laundry cabinets are becoming more common. While vanity sinks are a standard fixture in modern bathrooms, wall-mounted sink units allow you to utilize the wall space that would be wasted with a vanity sink unit. There are many different styles, sizes, and materials available in the market today, so it is important to shop around and determine which will best work for your home.

Bathroom Ideas with contemporary style include those that feature tempered glass panels that add to the sleek look of the bathroom. These bathroom ideas are great for smaller bathrooms since the glass doesn’t overhang the edge of the tub. Glass also gives a clean, modern look to the overall room, which makes the entire bathroom seem more spacious. With the right combination of paint, lighting, and bathroom fixtures, bathrooms can come to life with a touch of color.

Another popular option for bathroom design today is to install a vanity that sits on the floor. If you already have a vanity sitting in your current bathroom, you may consider replacing it with this freestanding piece. Many homeowners opt to purchase a vanity unit that features a sloped lip on its top to conceal plumbing and electrical lines. This allows the tub and vanity to sit flush against the wall, eliminating unsightly space. The lip also keeps the vanity from toppling over, which is especially helpful for small bathrooms.

Bathroom Ideas with storage are also popular because they allow homeowners to better utilize available space. Bathtubs can easily be cluttered with dirty shoes, bottles, and other items, making it difficult to get to the toilet during a hurry. A wall-mounted vanity allows you to bring a bit of order to the messy bathroom by providing organized storage to accommodate these items. Wall-mounted vanities can also offer extra light, which helps makeup go on more easily. By featuring both storage and a functional vanity fixture, bathrooms become less cluttered.

Bathroom Ideas with natural, earthy accents are a great way to give your bathroom a vintage or country feel without replacing the fixtures. Faucets and toilet fixtures made out of copper are often featured in bathrooms with this type of design. Brass and bronze finish toilets are another option. You can find fixtures with colorful paint finishes, such as cherry red, gold, and green. These finishes create a warm ambience that is ideal for a bathroom. Some people even use hand-painted designs to make their bathroom’s look more unique and personal.