June 24, 2024

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Exploring Different Cultural Influences on Home Decor and Design

Cultural influences can be integrated into home decor and design in many different ways, from religious icons to local flora – cultural elements can enrich and bring life into any design scheme. By adding elements from other cultures into your design scheme, culture becomes part of its story – telling its own unique tale about your home!

Popular trends such as cottagecore, coastal grandmother and grand millennial styles rely heavily on cultural signifiers; trending colors such as chili-pepper red have their origins in South Asian and Southern American traditions.


Many homes incorporate cultural components into their design. From walls, furniture and home decorations such as rugs or pillows – to interior colors that express different cultures – cultural influences have become an integral part of home interiors and can either be subtle or more obvious depending on how your culture seeps through your decor.

Rugs and blankets are often associated with Eastern cultures. They make the room feel warmer and more welcoming for guests while simultaneously emphasizing specific aspects of that culture you’re trying to emulate.

Material culture studies is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses theory and practice from disciplines such as art history, archaeology, anthropology, design, historic preservation, folklore and museum studies. Therefore, nearly anything could be considered part of material culture – buildings, architectural elements, books, food, jewelry toothbrushes and bubbles could be included! In fact UD Professor Anne McClintock wrote extensively about how soap usage can be considered part of culture!


Decorating your home to reflect your culture requires keeping color in mind; certain hues such as bright yellows and reds represent Southeast Asian traditions while European homes may feature terracotta entryways or high ceilings that you could incorporate into your decor as cultural touches.

Decorating along cultural lines can also be an excellent way to show that each partner retains individuality while living together; including elements from both cultures into your home design can make great conversation pieces!

Decorating with cultural themes can also serve as an excellent way to teach children about various world cultures while celebrating those that bring people together. Making your home into an expression of global diversity with just a few decorative pieces is quick and simple!

Religious elements

No matter your religious or cultural identity, adding touches from it to your home is an effective way to honor them. This could mean adding religious symbols like crosses or statues or more subtle touches like blue paint that harkens back to where you grew up.

George Malinowski suggests that religions provide an outlet to communicate values and aspirations through sacred objects that symbolize them, such as Christian crosses which symbolize sacrifice for others in the community before oneself.

As well as these concepts, some religious beliefs also include more abstract beliefs about supernatural beings that appear human-like; this concept is known as experiential religion and includes beliefs such as that gods and spirits possess personalities, desires and agency that can create powerful emotional experiences for believers.


Accessories are used to accessorize and personalize a person’s look. Accessories can also be used to signal status or cultural identity by wearing certain handbags; in addition to being trend setters.

As part of living in a multicultural household, incorporating elements from both cultures into your decor is a great way to emphasize individuality while showing that all members are united under one roof. Furthermore, this can spark conversations about each culture’s traditions while providing you with more knowledge on each culture’s background and heritage.

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The police officer quickly gathered all of the suspect’s accessories and placed them into his squad car for transport back to the station for questioning.

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