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Rediscovering the Warmth and Beauty of Terracotta Floors

A classic, terracotta will always be fashionable and will appeal whatever your personal design aesthetic. Its earthy tones are homely and inviting.

Terracotta quarry tiles are dense pressed clay products which are fired at high temperatures and are very hard and durable which makes them suitable for freezing conditions and keep them resistant to scratches and stains.A Periodic sealing is advised as a maintenance to keep their appearance clean and protect from stains.

Terracotta Look Quarry Tiles

Picture feeling the warmth the sun-baked earth under your feet and its knobbly, nubbly-shaped solid earthy character reaching out to the space around you. Terracotta look quarry tiles could be just the thing you need on your floors to make that happen. You are adding rustic feel that can last for decades to any room you install them in. Tiles that can withstand domestic mayhem and add some humanity to the space with earthiness – uneven surface also adds traction as well as insulation against chillier temperatures.

Eminently robust, Alfagres quarry tiles are successfully tailored to the rigours of a busy living environment. They are fired to very high temperatures which confers on them hard and dense ceramic material that keeps low water absorption rates (9%) and softer elastic rates that make them the perfect choice for indoor use (bathrooms and kitchens), but also for outdoor use, such as gardens and patios.

Select your favoured hue from reds, deep reds and natural browns, or browse our contemporary hex quarry tiles with texture, or use these for different tile layout patterns and combine the colour to create a stunning terracotta floor tile design.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles add distinctive Mediterranean and old-world-style touches, embuing a home with warmth and charm. Made from fired clay, they are available in a variety of colours and textures, including slate-like patterns for which each tile is uniquely coded for colour matching purposes.

The subtle irregularities and aesthetic variations in terracotta floor tiles make installations that are truly unique. In living areas, terracotta is best used on floors, walls, backsplashes or accent walls. In living areas, a kitchen floor would be a perfect use of terracotta, along with a bathroom wall or accent wall. For outdoor patios, terracotta is great when films of water may collect on the floor, as long as the floors are sealed (water tends to soak into terracotta). Indoor use requires sealing of the floors since terracotta absorbs liquid but does not allow it to pass through.

Terracotta tile would fit into a more rustic or farmhouse home, though it is no stranger to a minimalist bedroom, where it lends that perfect warm, relaxing touch that champions homely charm.

Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta tiles can lend a room a warm heartiness and organic charm, as they blend well with rustic, Mediterranean and Southwest decor.

Terracotta floors can be resilient and are resistant to mould and mildew when sealed properly; on top of this, they’re a good deal cheaper than my other two options.

The tiles are individual handmade terracotta, not machine cut.This can be a point in its favour. A machine-cut set can look just a little bit too perfect, leaving a room feeling a little cold and generic, like ‘this bedroom sells by the million.’ But it’s also very time-consuming and costly. Not to mention the fact that, ‘regardless of colour, size etc, you cannot control the irregularities of the tiles.’

Saltillo Terracotta is handcrafted from native clay dug from riverbeds throughout Coahuila, Mexico, and then baked at high temperatures to increase its strength and produce traditional coloring. Some manufacturers embed faux paw prints in each tile: we feel that this only detracts from the authenticity!

Terracotta Kitchen Tiles

Terracotta has a rustic appeal because of its earthy-toned aesthetic, which remains unchanged over time. It is formed out of claypressing local red or brown clay into tiles, and firing them at high temperatures in a kiln.

Saltillo Terracotta, made in Coahuila, Mexico: The most common variety – you’ll find it in all kinds of Mexican, Mediterranean and Southwest home inspirations.

Homemade terra cotta tile is the old-fashioned, organic way, though more costly, and prone to subtle irregularities that give it character and charm.

If you’ve got good handmade terra cotta tiles installed, you will get many years of enjoyment out of them, especially if you have chosen to install them with neutral tones like beiges and creams. They also pair quite well with rich jewel tones like sapphire blue.

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