May 18, 2024

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Trendy Kitchen Design Ideas for a Contemporary Look

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a multifunctional space where families gather to cook, eat, and celebrate. With sleek lines and a lack of clutter, a modern kitchen feels sophisticated and luxurious.

Masculine seating and rounded, artistic furniture pieces are on-trend in contemporary kitchens. A bold color scheme feels right at home, too.

Black and White

Black and white kitchens make a bold visual statement and look stunning with any design style. Use black as a countertop or backsplash to add contrast, or incorporate the color in open shelving and cabinets.

Stainless steel appliances are an essential part of any modern kitchen, but their metallic finish works well in black and white color schemes too. Displaying a few black accessories, like a table lamp or sculpture, also helps keep the room from feeling too stark.

A patterned black and white backsplash can add texture and dimension to any kitchen. Incorporate a herringbone pattern in the tile or add an accent wall for added interest.


Modern kitchens don’t have to be stark or colorless. In fact, they can be quite dramatic and feel very contemporary. A dark countertop or a black island can be balanced with white cabinetry and wooden open shelves to keep the look from feeling too bold.

Another way to create a monochromatic look is to use different shades of the same hue. By doing this, you can create a symmetrical appearance that looks beautiful. This also allows you to add more character to your kitchen without having to worry about clashing colors. This look is timeless and will be more pleasing to future homebuyers as well.

Black Kitchen Island

If a monochromatic palette feels too flat, infuse your kitchen design ideas with one-of-a-kind decor elements like this black island. Designer Lulu of Dustylu chose paneling that has a linear design to punch up the ebony workspace and temper the dark hue.

A black countertop can be a striking contrast against blond wood cabinetry, as seen in this contemporary kitchen by Studio McGee. The contrasting colors are softened by brass hardware and open shelving.

For a touch of industrial chic, try brick feature walls – you don’t even need real brick to make this modern kitchen idea happen. Instead, use brick slips, lightweight brick ’tiles’ that give you the look with a fraction of the weight.

White Kitchen Island

A white kitchen island is a stunning modern design element that can instantly elevate your cooking space. To avoid a stark or sterile look, consider adding wood elements to break up the color or incorporating natural materials into your backsplash and countertops for warmth.

Neutral colors such as gray, blue, and green work well with a white kitchen island and can help add character to your kitchen. Using a green backsplash or repainting cabinets in a soothing shade of green creates a clean and serene aesthetic that is sure to impress guests.

Alternatively, you can opt for a dark hue like black for a dramatic contrast with your white kitchen island. Installing black accessories, lighting, or seating can also add captivating depth and a magnificent visual effect to your kitchen.

Copper Kitchen Island

Copper decor is a stylish choice that adds warmth and dimension to a modern kitchen. From cookware and appliances to cabinet hardware, copper accents come in a variety of finishes, undertones, and applications. Add a dash of copper to your cooking space with decorative items like stools and pendant lights. If an all-out copper design is too much for your modern kitchen, consider adding a single copper element like a doorknob or pull handle.

This contemporary kitchen features a contrasting island design with a wood base and a marble front that extends upward. The contrast of materials brings visual interest to the room while also blending traditional cottage style with sleek contemporary aesthetics.


When incorporating contemporary style into your kitchen, it’s important to keep symmetry in mind. Symmetry creates balance and harmony in a room, making it feel fresh and on-trend. For example, if you have a window at one end of the kitchen, hang a mirror on the opposite wall to make sure that side of the room looks balanced. Also, when selecting seating for your kitchen island or dining table, opt for even numbers of matching bar stools to create a balanced look.

Similarly, if you’re using two-toned cabinets, be sure that the hardware matches on all drawers and cabinet doors for continuity. And don’t forget to incorporate metal finishes like gold kitchen hardware to add a touch of warmth and glimmer to the contemporary kitchen.

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