May 18, 2024

Virginia House Ulverston

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Glassy Modern Renovation

The Glassy Modern Renovation of an early 1900s home in Toronto is a beautiful example of a practical, yet elegant, renovation. The oversized glass windows and doors ensure that the home never feels dark or congested. A floating staircase connects the various levels and a luxurious master bedroom occupies the attic. The lower levels offer ample space for social living areas. The home’s aesthetics and function are seamlessly integrated. Read on to discover how to achieve this stylish look in your own home.

The team for the Glass House’s renovation includes Brooklyn-based EverGreene Architectural Arts and Silman Structural Engineers, as well as Ashley Wilson, a former Graham Gund Architect with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The entire project began in December 2017, but is expected to be completed by May. The new ceiling will be visible to guests when the house reopens in May. Here are some highlights from the project.

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