June 24, 2024

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Home With a Glassy Modern Renovation

Considering a Glassy Modern Renovation? Read on for some tips to design your new home with glass. It will add style and sophistication to your interior, as well as bring the outside in. The homeowners took advantage of the abundant natural light and air provided by opening glass walls. Here are three tips to help you get started. Here are some examples of home renovations that feature glass:

For a modernist touch, consider the Ansley Glass House, an Atlanta-based architectural firm that designed additions to a 1910 home. The home’s striking glass addition sets the tone for the contemporary design, and incorporates a garage, kitchen, family room, library, and staircase. The roof-top loft resembles a space in a museum and offers views of the city below. The split-level interior design flows around a suspended staircase and a central glass space.

A large glass window in the entryway reveals the garden, while a sheltered, embracing en suite bathroom adds a touch of nature to the space. Large glass doors and windows in all rooms also provide ample natural cross-ventilation. A spacious master suite occupyes the top floor, while the lower levels provide ample space for social zones. In addition, the master bedroom combines a spacious closet with views of the garden and the glass extension.

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